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Plastic Cards

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Plastic cards are becoming increasingly popular throughout many industries and marketplaces. The use of plastic cards is prevalent in markets such as banks, retail companies, grocery stores, rental companies, travel clubs, schools and unions. The primary reason is that discount cards offer users a great way to identify and distinguish themselves from their competition. The substantial feel of our discount card and its durability leaves a lasting impression and a heightened sense of value in the mind of the consumer.

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There are many different types of cards each offering a variety of features. While plastic cards can be customized to work for unlimited possibilities, there are several main categories that will be discussed here. To view examples of different types of plastic cards, click here.

Plastic Business Cards Sizes and Thickness

Plastic cards can be customized and cut in a variety of sizes. The size and shape a consumer chooses is in fact limitless, but there are certain sizes that are considered standard such as business card size in the United States (3.5 x 2 in) and credit card size (3.370 x 2.125 in). There are international standards for plastic card sizes which are specified by formats ID-1, ID-2, and ID-3.

The durability of plastic cards is one of the reasons consumers prefer them over paper. This durability is tied to the thickness of the plastic used to make the card. discount card thickness typically ranges from 10mil to 30mil. While it is possible to have plastic products made with thinner than 10mil and thicker than 30mil, most plastic card printing companies offer plastic cards with thickness ranging between 10mil and 30mil.

Color Printing and High Quality Graphics on plastic cards. We Manufacture Fundraising Cards for High School and Non-Profits.

One of the major benefits of plastic cards is the ability to have high quality custom graphics printed on the cards. The plastic cards act as a visual representation of the company that stand out from the competition. Many companies utilize their plastic cards as an opportunity to impress their clients. The discount cards in effect become a miniature billboard for the company.


These cards can be printed several different ways. Plastic cards printed without full-color graphics are printed using spot colors on sheet fed offset printing presses. With plastic cards that require only two different colors, the printing process is called a two color process. More spot colors can be added depending on how many different colors are needed on the card. There is a printing process called thermography which simulates the raised print effect of printing with engraved plates. The most common form of color printing used to print high quality graphics and photographs on plastic cards is referred to as four-color process printing. This process utilizes CMYK coloring for the reproduction of an image or text.

These cards can be coated with a UV glossy coat which is applied in the same manner as another ink. This is accomplished using an additional unit on a sheeted press. UV coats can be applied on plastic cards like a spot color where certain areas are coated and others are left uncoated. UV coatings on plastic cards are generally highly glossy but they are more likely to show fingerprints.

When discount cards are cut, small differences in where the blades cut the plastic cards can result in white edges if the design of the card does not have proper bleed. In order to ensure that the plastic cards will be cut without white edges, plastic card printing companies will ask for designs to be created with a certain percentage of bleed around the edges of the cards.

In order to print high quality photos or graphics on plastic cards, the card designs must be made in a resolution of at least 300dpi and all photos or images used must also be in a high resolution. Images that are normally found on the internet on websites are designed in a low resolution of 72dpi. This lower resolution is used on the internet in order to display images quickly. However, if these low resolution images are used on printed discount cards, the result would be an image that is distorted and grainy rather than sharp and clear.

Plastic Cards Printing & Manufacturing - Frosted and Clear Plastic Cards

There are three different styles of plastic cards each with their own advantages. The most common is the standard opaque discount card where printing can be placed on both sides. The most obvious advantage to these cards is that a company can utilize both sides of the plastic card to promote their business and provide information to the consumer. Some choose to place the company information on one side of the card and then use the back of the card to provide the consumer with a valuable tool such as a calendar, sports schedule, or important telephone numbers. Ma ny companies feel that this helps ensure that the consumer will hold onto their card which allows them to see the business' advertisement more regularly.

Clear plastic cards or translucent plastic discount cards are becoming more popular especially for business card purposes because their uniqueness makes them stand out. Businesses feel that consumers are more likely to hold onto these cards because they are different and can become conversation pieces. Clear plastic cards can be completely translucent with just text and images that can be seen through, or partially clear. This is where certain areas of the card are backed with a white background so that the section is opaque and the other areas are translucent.

Frosted plastic cards are similar to clear plastic cards in the sense that they offer users the advantage of standing out with a unique look, but frosted plastic cards offer the advantage of feeling different as well. Frosted plastic cards have a texturized feel that reaches out to the consumer. These plastic cards can be completely translucent or partially in the same manner as the clear plastic cards.

Plastic Cards Printing
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Plastic Cards - Custom Printed Card Features

Magnetic Stripes and Barcodes

Many companies utilize discount cards to store and track information for the cardholder. For example, gift cards hold data about how much money is allocated to a plastic discount card, and key access cards can store information to unlock doors. Membership cards can provide companies a valuable way to track information about consumer trends and purchases. There are two main features that can be added to plastic cards to allow for such tracking mechanisms; magnetic stripes and barcoding.

Magnetic stripes are used most commonly on credit cards, stored value cards, key access cards and gift cards. These magnetic stripes are encoded and allow for businesses to track, store and change information using customer management software. There are two types of magnetic stripes - high coercivity and low coercivity and there are three tracks that magnetic stripes can be encoded.

Barcodes offer another way to track consumer transactions. Barcodes are most often used on plastic cards for membership and loyalty cards. Businesses will use a scanner to read the barcode printed on the plastic card and then the scanned number will correspond to a clients information that is stored on customer management software. Customer management programs can be developed to track and provide endless possibilities to help businesses improve customer satisfaction and retention. There are many different types of barcodes and businesses will have to know which type works with their scanner and software program before they obtain plastic cards for their company.

Plastic Cards Printing - Personalization, Numbering, and Signature Panels

Other features of plastic discount cards are personalization, numbering and signature panels. These features are used for a variety of reasons and help to make each discount card customized for their consumers' needs.

For plastic cards, personalization can refer to either placing individual's name or photographs on the card. This feature is used most commonly on ID badges where an organization needs the security of having their employees names and/or photographs displayed on their badge. Personalization can also be used on plastic membership cards when the members names are already known and the business wants to display their names on the plastic card.

Numbering is a feature that is used most commonly on plastic membership or gift cards, however, it can also be found on ID Badges. Numbering is when each plastic card printed has a different number displayed on it. The numbers can be done sequentially - in numerical order, or they can have a random sequence that refers to a database or spreadsheet that the company sets up. Companies use numbering on plastic cards often as a method to track the plastic cards themselves, but the numbers can also correspond to a database that the business sets up and in effect the numbering can work as a method to track information much in the same manner as barcoding.

Signature panels are commonly seen on the back of credit cards. These panels serve as a method to add security to discount cards. Signature panels can often be found on membership and loyalty cards and even on ID Badges. The purpose of a signature panel is to provide an area on the plastic card that can be written on with a regular pen. Since plastic cards in their nature have a slick surface, the only other way to write on a plastic card is to use a permanent marker. Signature panels offer a much more professional look than a marker, and businesses can find numerous uses for them. Some plastic membership cards will use a signature panel not only for the member to write their name, but to also write an expiration date onto the card.

Plastic Business Cards - Scratch Off Panels, Peel Off Panels, and Punch Out Cards

Plastic discount cards offer so many features to consumers that they can be designed to be customized for just about any purpose or industry. Scratch Off panels, Peel Off panels, and Punch Out sections all offer unique methods to customize plastic cards for discount cards and fundraising cards.

Most people are familiar with scratch off panels. Usually these panels are found on paper lottery tickets or game pieces used for promotions. The same can be true for plastic cards as well. Scratch off panels on plastic cards bring the excitement of winning and combine it with the lasting durability of the plastic card. Schools, groups or other organizations looking for fundraising avenues can utilize this feature on their plastic fundraising cards to add a customized sense of excitement that comes with an instant prize.

Peel off panels are now being applied to plastic discount cards as a method to provide instant coupons that can be peeled off the plastic card and used at the merchants' location. This works well for the merchant because they can offer two different coupons on one card - the merchant places one special on the peel off panel which can only be used once and then a separate discount that stays on the card and can be used repeatedly. Schools, groups and organizations when creating discount or fundraising cards can offer the peel off panels to their donating merchants as a method to ensure repeat business.

Punch out sections on plastic cards work the same as they would on paper cards. Consumers come across these types of cards regularly at restaurants, car washes, and other places of business where companies offer a reward for being a loyal customer. The most common use is with restaurants when they offer a lunch club card where after the purchase of so many meals, the customer receives either a free meal or a discount. These companies are not restricted to using only paper cards for these products. Plastic cards can be designed as punch out cards as well.

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