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About Plastic Business Cards

Why businesses use Business Cards

Plastic Business CardsDiscount cards are seen and used by virtually all businesses large or small. The purpose of these cards is to provide certain information about the individual business person and about the business itself. Primarily these cards provide the recipient with the contact information of the business and individual for future use. Discount cards offer a convenient memory aid for the recipient and they are often shared during formal business introductions. These cards will usually have the business' logo and/or slogan, the company name, address, the individual's name, position, telephone number, email address, and website. Before most discount cards looked and felt the same - black and white text on paper card stock. Now businesses have the opportunity to offer striking visually designed custom plastic business cards with high quality graphics and photos. Plastic cards offer businesses a method to make their name truly stand out amongst their competition and allow their plastic business cards the chance to really work for them by being more than just a memory aid. These plastic business cards can act like miniature marketing billboards or flyers to make the company's name stick with the recipient. Due to the high durability and long lasting nature of plastic cards, recipients tend to hold onto plastic business cards much longer than paper business cards, and the plastic business cards often give the recipient an impression of value of both the company and the way the individual feels about the worth of their customers. View examples of plastic business cards.

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Business Card Sizes and Thickness

Plastic discount cards can be printed in a variety of sizes and thickness depending on the company's design and purpose for the plastic card. In the United States, there are two sizes that are most commonly used for printed plastic cards which are:
discount card size - 3.5 x 2 in. (89 x 51 mm)
Credit card size - 3.370 x 2.125 in. (85.60 x 53.98 mm)

The thickness of a plastic discount card will depend upon the type and purpose of the plastic card. Thickness usually ranges from 10mil to 30mil where 10 mil is very thin and flexible and 30mil is more sturdy. Standard credit cards are often printed with 30mil thickness.

Frosted and Clear Plastic Discount Cards

Plastic discount cards can be printed in a variety of styles which offer businesses even more options to customize their look. While there is the standard opaque plastic business card which offers businesses two sides of the plastic card to present their information to the customer, there are two other styles of plastic cards that can be printed; frosted plastic cards and clear plastic cards. Each style offers their own advantages and which style of plastic card is used has to be determined by the needs of the company's design.


Business Card Options

Many businesses take advantage of both sides available for printing on plastic discount cards and place a calendar, sports schedule, list of important numbers or upcoming events on one side of the plastic card. Companies will do this to give the recipient yet another reason to hold onto their plastic card above their competition's card. While businesses can take advantage of this using paper business cards, the long lasting nature and durability of plastic business cards makes such a promotion much more likely to be utilized.

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