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Benefits of frosted plastic cards

Frosted plastic cards are most often used for business cards, however, they can be used for other plastic card designs as well. The major difference between frosted plastic cards and clear plastic cards is that the frosted plastic card has a

Frosted Plastic Card
slightly textured feel to the plastic card. When a business wants a unique approach to make sure their message makes a lasting impression with their targeted audience, frosted plastic cards may be the answer. Frosted plastic cards are transparent meaning the recipient can see through the card which allows many design options for the business.

Frosted plastic cards can be printed in the same manner as clear plastic cards where the entire plastic card is translucent or only partially see through. Frosted plastic cards do not offer a completely clear space on any area of the card due to the frosted effect. Designers can create many different types of effects that really stand out with frosted plastic cards. For examples of frosted plastic cards, please click here.

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