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About Plastic Discount Cards & Fundraising Opportunities

Why organizations are using Plastic Discount Cards

Fundraising Opportunities

Churches, schools and charity organizations have found an exciting new way to raise funds for their program by utilizing plastic discount cards. These plastic cards are given a face value at which they are sold to supporters - $5, $10, $20 or any amount that is appropriate. The churches, schools and charity organizations then go out into the community and have businesses agree to offer special discounts to their organizations' supporters. The plastic discount cards are then printed with the organizations' information and the discounts that are available to the cardholder.

These plastic cards offer benefits to everyone involved. Plastic Discount CardThe organizations raise money for their programs by selling the plastic card. The businesses benefit from the increased exposure and advertising that their company receives from being included onto the plastic card, as well as being able to capitalize on the repeat business that the plastic card generates. Businesses are more willing to offer discounts that drive consumers to their location and encourage repeat business than they are to give away gift cards even to benefit charitable organizations. This is mainly because most restaurants and retail establishments are approached by so many organizations looking for donations that they become reluctant to continue giving items away. Plastic discount cards offer a much more enticing method for these establishments to help support fundraising organizations. The purchaser or supporter also benefits from plastic discount cards because they are receiving special discounts at various locations in their area. View examples of plastic discount cards.

Plastic Discount Card Options

Scratch Off Panels

Scratch off panels are common throughout society, but they are usually found on paper lottery tickets or game pieces used for promotions. The same can be true for plastic cards as well. Many organizations are discovering that scratch off panels can be used on plastic cards to bring the excitement of winning and combine it with the lasting durability of the plastic card. Schools, groups or other organizations looking for fundraising avenues can utilize this feature to customize their plastic discount cards.

Peel Off Panels

Peel off panels can also be applied to plastic discount cards. These peel off panels offer a method to provide two separate discounts - first the instant coupons that can be peeled off the plastic card and used at the merchants' location, and second a separate discount that stays on the card and can be used repeatedly.

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