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Plastic gift cards have become so popular that they have almost completely eliminated paper gift certificates from the marketplace. Mainly the durability of plastic gift cards makes them much more user friendly than paper gift certificates for the end user, and as a result,virtually every retail store and restaurant establishment have begun selling plastic gift cards redeemable at their location. Plastic Gift CardPlastic gift cards are usually anonymous and are treated much like cash in the sense that businesses do not offer refunds if they are lost or stolen. Merchants benefit from selling gift cards because the sale of these plastic cards not only ensures the revenue of the purchase price - whether the card is redeemed or not - but most users of gift cards spend more than the value of the gift card itself. Merchants also benefit simply through the advertisement that the plastic card provides. The recipient of the gift card may have never been to the establishment before thus the gift card gives them a reason to visit, and it stays in their wallet as a constant reminder continuously promoting the business. Consumers also benefit from gift cards due to the convenience of their nature. Not only to consumers like to give gift cards, but consumers like to receive them as well. The main reason is that while the giver of the plastic gift card is able to show their thoughtfulness in the choice of location to redeem the gift card, the choice of the actual purchase item is still left to the receiver. Because all parties involved benefit from gift cards, it is not a surprise that gift cards have become so popular over the past few years with the trend only showing a steady increase. View examples of plastic gift cards.

Some gift cards are rechargeable and allow customers to recharge them when the balance gets low while others have a set amount stored on them. In actuality the value of the gift card is not stored on the plastic card itself, but rather maintained on computers utilizing customer management software. The value is accessed by swiping the magnetic stripe or scanning a barcode located on the plastic gift card.

Gift cards are often supplied as customer incentives where establishments will either give them away or offer them at a substantial discount. Examples of this are found when consumers exchange reward points that they have earned from a businesses loyalty card program for gift cards redeemable at either the business' location or other establishments. Gift cards have become so popular that there are even websites that allow consumers to buy and sell gift cards. While these websites allow consumers to trade gift cards that they do not want in exchange for gift cards at more desirable locations for their interests, many have to operate with a buyer beware attitude since people can use the amount stored on the gift cards and then sell them with little or no actual value remaining on the plastic gift card.


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