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Key access cards are used in several industries but are widely found in hotels. Hotels often use this type of plastic card as hotel room keys. Plastic key access cards are also used as entry cards for secured rooms or areas or even as gate entry passes into gated communities. While these plastic cards can be found in many different industries, the purpose behind the card remains the same - security. Plastic key access cards are used to allow restricted access to an area by requiring the swipe or reading of a magnetic stripe encoded with security clearance.
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Advantages to Key Access Cards

Key Access CardsThere are many advantages to key access cards but the main feature of these cards is providing a quick deterrent and security measure for a company. For hotels, plastic key access cards allow for a cost effective and convenient method to restrict access to a hotel room. In the past, hotels would have to resolve the problem of keys being lost or stolen. This could be a costly issue for the hotel to have rooms re keyed every time a key was lost, but due to security it would be a necessary cost to prevent keys from being stolen and sold on the street. With plastic key access cards, if a card is lost or stolen the hotel only needs to reprogram the plastic card. This allows for the key to be changed for every new guest. What's more is that now hotels can program the key access card to only work for the duration of the guest's stay. Hotels have taken further advantage of these plastic cards by utilizing the card itself to act as a promotional or marketing piece for their business advertising their hotel. These plastic hotel key cards are generally seen as a souvenir that guests are encouraged to keep and can act almost in the same manner as a business card. Some hotels have even found ways of paying for and even making money by using plastic key access cards. What these hotels have done is to sell advertisement space on the plastic cards to local businesses such as pizza delivery restaurants. All of these benefits are not limited to the use in the hotel industry. Any business that needs to provide a secured entrance can utilize plastic key access cards and all of their advantages.

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