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Plastic ID badges or Identification cards can be found in many different industries and act as a method to - as the name implies - identify the badge wearer or carrier. These ID cards offer an added security measure and act as a deterrent for individuals who do not have permission to be in a certain restricted area. While any business or organization can utilize plastic ID badges, they are most commonly found in schools, hospitals, and government buildings. View examples of ID badges.

Security features of plastic ID cards and badges

Though the use of personalization, plastic ID badges can be produced as a cost effective method to provide an added sense of security to any location. Plastic card printers can personalize these plastic cards by adding individuals photos and/or names. Signature panels can then be added for even further security. Plastic ID badges are also often printed with a hole or slot punched out in order to allow the cardholder the ability to use a badge clip or lanyard to secure the card onto their person or clothing making the ID badge visible to anyone passing by.


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