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Why businesses use Plastic Loyalty Cards

Loyalty cards are used by many establishments to create incentives for consumers to continue to visit a business. The main purpose behind these plastic cards is to build repeat business from customers. Loyalty cards are also referred to as rewards cards, membership cards, points cards, VIP cards, and club cards. These plastic cards are used as a form of identification to the retail establishment that the cardholder is a member and entitled to certain benefits. These plastic loyalty cards will typically have either a magnetic stripe or barcode so that the plastic card can be easily scanned or swiped. Some businesses will use numbering on the plastic card as a method to identify cardholders. Plastic Loyalty CardsMost loyalty card programs are set up so that the member is entitled to either a discount at the time of purchase or reward points that can be used towards future purchases. View examples of plastic loyalty cards.

In the UK and the US, most all major chains operate some form of reward system, and the popularity of these membership programs is steadily increasing worldwide. Although critics have voiced concerns about the use of the personal data collected for these programs, the growing popularity seems to suggest that consumers feel that the benefit outweighs any risk.

Businesses benefit from these membership program through the collection of this personal data because they can offer custom incentives and discounts that correlate with an individual's spending habits making the consumer more likely to purchase. Also the data can be used to track customer trends and help businesses streamline their products and offerings to achieve the highest rate of return on their items. Another major benefit that plastic loyalty cards offer to companies is customer retention which can substantially reduce advertising and marketing costs usually suffered by businesses. Businesses will often offer a plastic key tag in combination with their plastic loyalty card providing convenience for the customer and an added reminder of the business every time the consumer uses their keys.


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