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Plastic Cards with Numbering

Why businesses use Numbering

Plastic Card NumberingPurpose of Numbering

Plastic cards can be numbered for a variety of purposes. Businesses can number their plastic cards to help them keep track of how many cards have been distributed to consumers. Numbers can also be used to correspond to a database maintained by the business to track consumer information much in the same manner as a barcode would be used. Numbering can also be used as a form of personalization when individuals are assigned a number that needs to correspond to their name - such as in the case of an ID badge. View examples of plastic cards with numbering.

Types of Numbering

Numbering on plastic cards can be sequential (in numerical order) where the business chooses a starting number, or numbering can be placed on cards using a random numerical sequence that the business chooses. If a business chooses to print plastic cards using a random numbering sequence, they would need to provide the plastic card printer company with a database or spreadsheet with the numbers to use.

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