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Purpose of Personalization

When designing plastic cards, businesses have the option of adding features that customize their company's plastic card. Personalization is one of these features that can be added. A company can use personalization on their plastic card to place individual's names, photographs, or other personal data (such as an identification number) onto the plastic cards. This feature allows for the business to have each of the plastic cards printed to contain different data.

Personal ID badges are the most common plastic card to utilize personalization. Personalization on these plastic cards provides the solution for an organization that needs the security of having their employees names and/or photographs displayed on their badge. Plastic membership or loyalty cards can benefit from personalization as well. If an organization has a list of all of their members, using personalization on the plastic card to display each members name on the plastic card offers a customized approach that leaves a lasting impression of value in the mind of the member.

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