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Plastic Cards

Plastic Card Thickness

Standard Thickness for Plastic Cards - Gift Cards - Loyalty Cards - Business Cards

Plastic cards are very durable which is one of the main reasons consumers prefer them over paper cards. The thickness of the plastic used to make the card is what determines this durability. The thicker the plastic card, the longer lasting the card. Plastic cards will usually range from 10mil to 30mil. It is possible to make plastic products thinner than 10mil and thicker than 30mil, but most plastic card printing companies only offer plastic cards with thickness ranging between 10mil and 30mil.

The thin 10mil plastic cards are much more flexible than the thicker 30mil plastic cards which makes them more susceptible to being damaged from being bent. Since the thicker plastic is more sturdy, most credit cards and debit cards are printed using the 30mil thickness. 10mil and 20mil plastic cards are more commonly used for frosted plastic cards and clear plastic cards because they can appear more translucent with the thinner material.

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