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Why churches and ministries use Plastic Prayer Cards

Prayer cards, also referred to as ministry cards or holy cards, typically depict a religious scene or saint and the reverse side of the card displays a prayer. Plastic Prayer CardsThese cards have been an important part of the Catholic Church to help circulate and spread their message to the public. These plastic prayer cards are often used for general inspiration, but prayer cards are also often found at special occasions such as funerals, baptisms, confirmations, and other religious anniversaries. Sometimes plastic prayer cards only contain the image of a particular saint and a brief account of what is sacred about that saint.

Catholics are not the only religious organization to employ the use of plastic prayer cards. Other religious groups have found the benefit of handing out plastic prayer cards to their congregations as a way to have constant contact with the members and provide them with uplifting messages. Prayer cards are also useful in assisting religious and spiritual leaders with a method of reaching out into their community and spreading their religious message.

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