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Purpose of Signature Panels

Signature panels is a feature that is used on many plastic cards to provide an added feature of customization and security. These panels are commonly seen on the back of credit cards where the cardholder is suppose to sign their name in the space provided.The purpose is add security to plastic cards in the event that the card is lost or stolen. Credit cards are not the only type of plastic card that benefits from this feature. Signature panels are common on membership and loyalty cards and on ID Badges.

Since the actual purpose of a signature panel is to provide an area on the plastic card that can be written on with a regular pen, businesses are finding many uses for them on their custom plastic cards other than for just a signature space. Plastic cards have a slick surface, and without the use of a signature panel, the only way to write on a plastic card is to use a permanent marker. This however does not come across as very professional to the consumer. Businesses have utilized signature panels on their plastic loyalty cards and discount cards for space on the plastic card to write in an expiration date. The uses of this feature are numerous and can help provide solutions to businesses that need the ability to write on their plastic card.

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